Sturdee Residence providing the daily life requirements within the campus

The Sturdee Residence is one of the better residences that are located near the Sturdee road. The project is built is right at the core of the city and it is just few miles away from the MRT station. The residential condominium provides the best facilities for the customers and brings lots of pleasure for the customers who are residing at this place.

sturdee residence providing daily life requirements within campus


The appearance that the Sturdee Residences is very much aesthetic and the view is very much soothing from the top floor of the residential building. The design is made in that way so that the nearby natural beauty can be witnessed very nicely. The residential areas are also equipped with facilities that are according to the scientific plans and designs of the engineers.


There are several facilities that are creating advantages for the people who are staying at the beautiful Sturdee Residence. The facilities that are incorporating the additional facilities to the people residing at this place are as follows:

  • The residential building provides the beautiful lawn where the people could spend their time.
  • The residential building also adds the attraction by introducing the swimming with larger capacity.
  • The malls are also established within the residential area where the people can go have their required marketing.
  • The children at this place are provided with the well and organized school within the campus.
  • The campus of this residential area has also got the [play grounds where the children can express themselves and enjoy the moments.


The Sturdee condo at Farrer Park is considered to be one of the best residential areas across the country. It provides the large accommodation with large numbers of rooms with the required facilities that a people may need to maintain his daily life.

Skies 39 condo: new condominium project at attractive location

The Skies group is a well renowned real estate group of Singapore. This group has created a number of projects across the country. From budget friendly flats and houses to luxury penthouses and bungalows, you can find all types of real estate projects made by the Skies group. The customer review of almost all the projects made by the Skies group is also highly positive. The Skies 39 condo is one of their new projects.

skies 39 condo new condominium project at attractive location

Skies 39 condo project:

The Skies 39 condo is a new launch condominium proudly developed and managed by the Skies group in Singapore. This project is situated in the Toa Payoh region of Singapore. This project is the condominium project of this real estate group.

Location of Skies 39 condo:

The Skies 39 condo has a really attractive location.

  • It is situated in an area where almost everything that is required for daily life is quite accessible.
  • This project is only 6 minutes walking distance away from the Braddell MRT Station of Singapore.
  • Also it is only around 489 meters away from the popular Raffles Place.
  • It will also take you only 20 minutes to reach Orchard Road.

There are also market places nearby. Lifestyle, fashion, daily needs, food and wet market and others are only a few minutes away. There are also hospitals nearby.

There are also schools and colleges in the area. Commercial buildings, offices, banks and others all fall in the vicinity of the Skies condo project. Thus if you are looking for a place with accessibility to all kinds of places, the Skies 39 condo is a good option for you.

Interesting facts about Poiz Residences at Potong Pasir in Singapore

Poiz Residences was known as Andrews Residences before renaming which is located at Meyyapa Chettiar road and is close to Potong Pasir in Singapore. It has been made in a unique design and style and is totally different from other residential complex project. This condo project has got a lease for ninety-nine years. This residential complex is very much comfortable and luxurious in all ways.

interesting facts about poiz residences at potong pasir in singapore

Details about the residence

This residential complex covers 173,832 square feet of the area comprising of 815 units. Out of which there are 731 units for residential houses and the remaining 84 are kept for commercial purposes. It has also got gyms, clubs, swimming pools, shops, children’s playground, BBQ areas as well as sun deck within it.


This Poiz Residences is located in district D13 of Meyyapa Chettiar road and is very much close to Potong Pasir MRT NE10 in Singapore. Being located in this place it provides the facility for many expressways like Pan Island and the Kallang-Paya Lebar and also for many other shopping malls like City Square Mall, Jackson Square Mall, and HDB Hub Mall which are very much near to this residential complex. Moreover banks, plazas, schools, colleges, various types of parlors and salon services are also located very much near to this residential complex. So all people who will stay here will get all sort of facilities in the best way possible to continue their luxurious lifestyle.

Different unit types and floor plans

At The Poiz Residences, the apartments are of three different kinds that are Habitat, Suites and Urban arrangements having an option of one to four bedrooms. The homeowners of this complex can choose their home that perfectly suits them. The area of one bedroom house is 431 to 484 sq. ft., the area for two bedroom houses is 753 to 829 sq. ft., the area of three bedroom houses is 775 to 1173 sq. ft. and the area of four bedroom houses is 1496 to 1518 sq. ft. units.

Business Expected to Flourish with the Upcoming Centrium Square

In November, 2013, Tong Eng group bought the Serangoon Plaza at a price of $400 million and took the responsibility of developing it into Centrium Square which will be a major commercial development in Singapore’s history.

business expected to flourish with the upcoming centrium square

It is located along the Serangoon Road in a busy place of District 08. The hot location of the spot is bound to attract marketing professionals from different sectors.

Sources of Profit for Retailers

Owners of the retail units will have a good business time since this new project will be standing amongst some of the busiest office places and buildings. Nearby office workers are sure to visit this place for pleasant dining experiences. Besides, in the vicinity lies the City Square Mall which will face a good competitor? Connexion, which is also a two-minute walk away, will be complementing the business of the medical units.

Well Connected with Rest of Singapore

Important expressways such as PIE, CTE, KPE and other major roads like Serangoon Road, Nicoll Highway and Jalan Besar Road add to communication convenience. Reaching this Serangoon freehold office will be a hassle-free task for any driver.

Interior Facilities

There are as many as 143 offices, 49 retail units and 39 medical units in the 6,365.8 square metre areas. Car parking facilities are also available for the offices. This total of 231 units is housed within 19 storeys. Sufficient lifts are installed for fast movements within Centrium Square. In offices, 6 passenger lifts and 2 service lifts will be catering to people. Retail units will be served by 1 passenger and 1 service lift. Besides, 2 escalators will also be running the retail section.

To sum up everything, it is only a matter of time to watch Centrium Square in its full swing with hundreds of growing businesses and numbers of success stories.

Urban Oasis in Sims Drive waits to offer you a unique lifestyle

Urban Oasis beside the Sims Drive of the district is a 99 year leased condominium. It is expected to complete around the middle of 2018. Besides providing all the necessary and modern amenities the Sims Urban Oasis condominium is a luxurious platform in itself.

urban oasis in sims drive waits to offer you a unique lifestyle


Sims drive condo is just beside the Aljunied Station, and it is very well connected by transport of bus as well from the Sims Place Bus Terminal. It is just round the corner of Pan Island Expressway and the sports hub of Singapore i.e. Singapore Post Centre.


This Urban Oasis is located at the heart of Aljunied and is ready to mesmerize you with its wide range of facilities like Clubhouse, Tennis Court, Function Hall, Guard’s House, Indoor gym, swimming pool and fully furnished dying and Barbeque Arena. The condos provide all facilities to meet your family’s entertainment and eating needs.

To experience a lifetime ambiance of serenity and tranquility the condominium made all the arrangements for its clients, which is due to complete in the middle of 2018. All the eatery joints, schools and bus terminals are just round the corner and your fun and gathering on weekends can also be planned with a short drive from the place.

Facilities like a public library, food centre are just at the adjacent corner to condominium. One of the important needs of any person is the market place which is just on the other side of the place. A true blend of nature and modernity can be seen in this Singapore new launch project where the people can get close to every facility that they look for. The estimate of the project is said to 900 units and is located in the conjugating area of Aljunied MRT Station, and the residents are connected very well to the Paya Lebar Square also.

Create Your Dream Home With Maximum Preferences In Place

Leading a secure life peacefully in one of the most sought after abodes in top locations of the city of Yishun is best possible with prestigious venture that you consider. NorthPark residences boast of the ultimate living standards because of which you come across the premium home deals leaving you in a state of utter amazement. People who are not sure about the kind of features guaranteed can avail the best available options representing the top deals in a precise fashion to the core. Accessing several features in a detailed fashion too is something what you need to prefer on an additional basis in accordance with the diverse needs you got.

create dream home maximum preferences place

Resolve Your Issues With NorthPark Residence Hotline

Dedicated access to the exclusive customer support regarding the issues you got about the residential properties to the core is something what you need to focus upon. With increased focus upon NorthPark residences by the next generation communities of not just Singaporeans but also the global community as well, the demand has never been subsiding. Accessing the top housing deals in an exclusive manner too is something what the future residents are bound to realize in an eventual fashion. Perfect residential comfort with the inclusion of luxury amenities will prove to be most beneficial as well.

Exact Reasons For You To Prefer Premium Amenities Perfectly

Looking forward to the constant family entertainment to the core as part of a perfect lifestyle? You have now got NorthPark residences to accomplish such aspects in a detailed fashion providing you maximum benefits on an overall. Fully furnished residential villas in the top localities of the city will prove to be most effective to you on several counts. Focusing upon several features in a detailed fashion too will ensure that you organize your priorities in such a way that optimum flexibility is realized to the hilt.

Bask in the Highline Residences in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular countries of South East Asia. It is a land of opportunities due to the presence of a lot of foreign investors. Not to mention this has added to the number of expatriates and foreigners in this far flung land. This resulted in a sudden boom in the real estate which has been well supported by the governmental reforms. In fact this has bought forth high rise residential properties in this island nation. The Highline Residences condo in Singapore is an example of such a growth.

bask in the highline residences in singapore

Talking about the Highline Residences brings us to another point of discussion that residences are primarily condominiums. Most of these condos are designed and developed by fairly well known builders of Singapore. This is why living in these high rise apartments can be an experience of a lifetime. With numerous recreational facilities, connectivity, freshness and panoramic views make these dwellings quite a treat. There is more on offer like 24/7 surveillance, concierge services and the convenience of intercom makes these high rises an affair to remember. The USP of these residential buildings lie in the fact that a blend of the rich Asian culture with a contemporary taste. The state of the art architecture is a real show stopper which is gives buyers more than enough reasons to fall for them!

In conclusion it has to be mentioned that it is only a reasonable thought to buy property in Singapore with a stable political scenario and with a bright prospect to count on. Nonetheless it is highly advisable that before investing or renting a property one should consider consulting a solicitor. This will beyond a doubt, allow a prospective buyer of Highline Residences, proper insight of the rules of property ownership especially for foreigners of all countries.

Offering your kids the best at Lakeville condo

Perhaps you have thought about what you’re depriving your children of by dwelling in a town? Well, you may haven’t. Here is the response, you might be depriving your kids the great thing about the youth and the character. This is not, although it might look funny for you. Give it a thought and you are going to connect most of your youth days to your team of buddies who cool jointly by riding bikes together and the near-by park. Your child life absolutely cannot change Mom Nature’s love, although it may have the most recent gadgets.

offering your kids the best at lakeville condo

Lakeville condo in Jurong offers a chance to gift your kid to you the youth that is most earned. These lakeside condominiums were created in one of Singapore’s most relaxing environment. Lakeville gives you several unique functions like fountains, Aqua Fitness Center, Rainbow water-play and additional other attributes where you are able to spend your time only admiring what Lakeville provides you. His is the very first time while residing within the town of Singapore you may love all these characteristics.

Greatest in class purchasing amenities, recreational areas that are amazing and endless pleasure is exactly what you get with every condominium you commit in at Lakeville. Lakeville condominium Singapore is an upcoming high-end job with best-in class conveniences designed to provide you with comforts which you want for. At Lakeville, your kids can find their youth which appears to have dropped in the modern urbanised world. Yes, your kids get to spend time-around the environs as well as play with places where they are able to get as naughty as they can.

Lakeville is available for a small period of time and is coming up in the localities. The job is an important one providing 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom apartments at a price that is fancy. The condominiums are spacious and some have the unique view of the lake that you are able to boast of. See the web site for additional information about the floorplan and the places. Call the reps to day and reserve your appointment for a site-visit.

The different ways to make your boobs bigger discussed here

Getting bigger boobs is the desire of all women. If a woman has firm boobs then chances are that she will want to maintain it throughout her life. But during midlife the boobs start to sag, this may be a result of breast feeding, menopause etc. Lots of surgical procedures as well as creams are available in the markets which claim to give you tight breasts. But all these procedures are extremely expensive in nature. Hence following home remedies is often the best way to tackle the issue of breast sagging. The different natural ways to make your boobs bigger has been discussed in this article.

the different ways to make your boobs bigger discussed here

Breast mask

For doing an upliftment of the breast, using a breast mask made up of egg yolk and cucumber is one the best options. The cucumber has different properties to tone the skin and the yolk has sufficient amount of protein that help you to get bigger boobs. This is one of the ways to make your boobs bigger. In order to make the mask, you need to make a puree of the cucumber, and then mix it with the egg yolk and some butter to make a paste. After applying this paste, wait for 30 minutes and wash it off with cold water. The mask has to be applied twice a week.


Yoga, as you know is beneficial for your entire body. The different poses of yoga concentrate on different parts of your body. The postures which focus on your pectoral muscles, chest and upper arms should be practiced; yoga is widely regarded as one of the natural way to increase your breast size. The yoga poses also help to nullify the adverse effect of gravity on your boobs. The remedies being discussed here are all very easy to do and do not take up much time.

The Peak @ Cambodia a new luxurious condominium is Phnom Penh

After The Bridge’s huge success, The Peak @ Cambodia is all set to be amongst the most iconic development of Phnom Penh. This excellent condominium is developed by well-known developers, Worldbridge Land of Cambodia and Oxley International of Singapore.

the peak cambodia a new luxurious condominium is phnom penh

Design and Architecture

This exciting development comprises of two residential towers which raise 55 levels into the sky. There is also a commercial skyscraper. Of its class, this is the tallest building in Phnom Penh, thus providing the residents an amazing panoramic view of the city skyline and waterfront. The fact that this ‘top of the world’ feeling will be provided right from comfort of your personal adobe is itself a great reason to invest in the condominium.

The Peak @ Cambodia is clad in bronze, which is both stylish and luxurious color. Both the towers consists 500 units each, which is an indication of a dynamic architecture. This is further coupled with inspiration design for bringing out the best from site and the surroundings.

The Shangri-La

To add to all these, the peak condominium shares the same distinguished address with the Shangri-La Hotel, which is a distinctive sign that the condominium is imply excellent. The sharing of address means that you will have all of the classy bars, restaurants and ballrooms of Shangri-La at your disposal. You can enjoy the high quality services amidst the great surrounding. All the requirements will certainly be fulfilled, from spa to business lounges and dining, nothing will be left untouched.


Five levels of retail excitement are offered by Peak @ Cambodia with specialty shops, entertainment stops and even best restaurants. On top of that, the surrounding malls also offer great experience and full the daily requirements and shopping desires of the residents. The location is such that all the facilities are available right at the doorstep.

Acquire alkaline water for health benefits via water filtration system

Alkaline water has a number of advantages over normal filtered drinking water. Here you can find the best ways to get alkaline water for the purpose of drinking at your house, with minimum hassles.
Alkaline water has a number of health benefits compared to that of normal drinking water. According to a number of researches, it is proved that due to the difference in pH level of alkaline waters, it is able to remove the acidity of the body and can even heal a number of incurable diseases.

acquire alkaline water for health benefits via water filtration system

The ways of getting this water

In a few researches, it is also proved that on consuming this water regularly, it will help you to eradicate bone diseases too. But, here our main topic of discussion is to get alkaline drinking water for drinking purposes. The best way to get alkaline water is to purchase mineral water. But, it can be a matter of great expense, if you need to purchase this kind of water daily for drinking purposes.

The second option

But, when there is a will, there is a way. The other option that is available to you is to purchase a water filtration system which can dispatch alkaline water. Though, at the beginning, it is going to be a heavy expense for you, but once you purchase it, the only expense to be borne by you is the expense of negligible electrical consumption and the maintenance.


A number of such water filters are available that can give you alkali based water. If you want more than that, like cold or hot water, you can even purchase a one with additional features, and the price will be a little higher in the cases. These devices can be a permanent solution, if you want this type of water in your diet.